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Poker Blogs

Poker Blogger - Mike

My name on the forum is Snickers99 and I live in Pittsburgh, PA. I'm in my early 40's and started playing poker in August of 2004, starting out in Limit and switching to No Limit about 2 years later. Unlike all these young kids and their multi-tabling 6, 8, 10 tables for 15 hours a day, I'm lucky if I can two-table for 2 or 3 hours a week. Most weeks, I don't even get a chance to play at all. So although I've been playing for a couple years, I really don't have that many hands as far as experience (about 26k of Limit and 34k of NL) and am a micro-limit player.


I'm writing my blog to chart my course as I have finally decided to become serious about poker. I've been a break even player at best at NL (loser overall in Limit) and want to start really learning the game. I think I have the basics, but need help in getting to the next step. Fellow forum member Ugignadl (Ugi to you and me) has offered to help. I'm hoping my blog will be useful to others who are in the same position...have a love of the game, but just can't seem to win.


Poker Blogger - Jaron


"My name is Jaron, I am a 25 year old college student studying Music Composition. I started playing online poker seriously during the summer of 2007, and started blogging summer of 2008. Since 2007, I've turned a $5 freeroll win into a $1k+ bankroll, and this blog will follow along the ups and downs of my progress thereafter. I will try to post interesting hands, but mostly my blog will reflect my mental journey."


Poker Blogger - Glen


My forum name is Ugignadl, Ugi for short and I'm Glen in real life. My blog began as a poker-oriented discussion but then turned into a travel diary for some days. I'm back in Aussieland for the time being, but expect to travel a lot more in the future. The blog is in dire need of some love, and I hope to provide with both posts on a poker level and on a personal level.


Poker Blogger - Bigloser2448


I'm the guy who never thought in a million years I'd ever have a blog. I'm a regular guy in my upper 30's. I have a wonderful wife of 14 years and two great kids, one of each. I started playing poker online last November and it has been an pretty incredible ride. You see, I have never deposited any money on any Poker Site. I started my bankroll with a $4 cash in a 12,000 player Freeroll on PokerStars. I gained the "skills" to outlast over 11,000 players in that tournament mostly from Phil Gordon's Little Green Book of NLHE. But doing well in freerolls is completely different from playing with real money, even at the microstakes level, as I soon found out.


In the couple of days following that freeroll, I decided to search for a Poker Forum to see if I could learn enough to at least not lose my big (LOL) bankroll of $4. I found and the rest is history. Or at least is where my blog begins. I figured if I can learn enough to not only hold onto my 1st $4, maybe others might want to read about my journey along the way.