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Top 5 Mistakes Made When Playing Pocket Aces

1 - Not raising before the flop.


Not only by not raising are you missing out on a prime opportunity to start building the pot and increase your potential winnings for the hand, but you are allowing your opponents to get in on the action cheaply, increasing your chances of being outdrawn. Don't be afraid to put in a decent sized raise or reraise before the flop and start building that pot.


The last thing you want to do is let other players catch up with you and find yourself married to the hand, committing copious amounts of chips before you finally realise that you do not have the best hand. You can hide your poor play by blaming the result on bad luck as much as you like, but it isn't going to get your chips back.


2 - Making the ingenious call and re-raise manoeuvre.


You've just been dealt pocket aces. You don't want to scare anyone else out of the pot, so you decide to just call the big blind. However, if anyone decides to make a raise after your initial call, you are going to give them what for and reraise their raise. You're going to come in over the top and build a much bigger pot than if you had just made a raise straight-off. The perfect plan, right?


Unfortunately not. If you are playing at any level above 5c/10c where players actually take into account what is taking place around them, you will have just let everyone at the table know that you are sitting with pocket aces. This particular move is popular with many amateur players that believe they are making a clever play, when the fact of the matter is that any decent player is now aware of what it means. So now that you know better, avoid it at all costs.


3 - Slowplaying on every street.


Playing pocket aces passively is always going to be a recipe for disaster, and you can be sure that it's the sole reason as to why some players will come to the useless conclusion that online poker is rigged. Pocket aces are not as formidable as people think, because at the end of the day they are just going to be one-pair unless they improve.


If you take a look at the hand rankings chart, you will see that one-pair is right down at the bottom, just above the high card. This means that it is a hand that needs protecting, and not one that we should slowplay and give opponents an opportunity to catch up. So make sure you are betting and raising with your pocket aces. It's a lot better to win a small pot than lose a big one.


4 - Not folding when you know you're behind.


Lets imagine that you are at the river and there are 4 cards of the same suit on the board. There is a lot of action and none of your aces are of the same suit as those 4 cards. Do you think that you could possibly be winning the hand in this situation?


A reason why pocket aces can be such big losers (and not just big winners) is because of the fact that players have such a hard time letting them go. They may well be the best hand before the flop, but after the flop everything changes. A major part of keeping pocket aces profitable is having the ability to let them go when you know that you are behind.


5 - Blinding yourself to your opponents' plays.


After the initial excitement of being dealt pocket aces, it's pretty easy to get carried away and fight with them to the death, not taking any notice of the actions of your opponents. Now, you don't need me to tell you that this is going to be a pretty dangerous way to play, and If you did it with every hand you would easily become a losing player.


The next time you are dealt AA, take a breath and focus. You may have the best hand at the moment, but you still need to have a gameplan and focus on the job at hand. If you stop taking notice of the way your opponents are playing, you are simply inviting them to take your money away from you.




It's a great feeling being dealt the best starting hand in poker, but if you are not careful with the way you play pocket aces your initial excitement will soon turn into despair. For most, pocket aces will be big winners one day and big losers the next. However, if you can avoid these major pitfalls and turn the majority of those big losses into small wins, you should find that AA will regain its position as one of the most profitable hands in your game.

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